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Workforce Development Housing, New Construction
Community Housing Planning
Community Toolbox: Local Funding Opportunities
Community Toolbox: Policies for Community Adoption for State/Federal Grants


Workforce Development Housing

New Housing Construction

Many communities in our region are experiencing economic growth and increasing workforce populations.  One such community is O’Neill.  To meet this need, Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers conducted a pilot project to build a new housing subdivision in O’Neill that will accommodate 19 new homes: 6 offered with downpayment assistance, 2 sold at market rate, and 11 offered as lease-to-own properties.  These quality-built, attractively-designed homes will serve diverse income levels and help address growing community workforce needs.

CNHED is now assisting the City of Ord with workforce housing in a new subdivison, and are even helping small communities to build one new house at a time.



Community Housing Planning

Does your community have housing needs, but you’re not sure how to meet those needs?  Do your housing needs include:

  • Workforce housing?
  • Rehabilitation of existing homes?
  • New housing construction?
  • Down payment assistance?
  • Rental housing?
  • Senior housing?
  • Other housing?

The Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers would like to begin assisting your community in preparation for future housing grants.  CNHD will work with community leaders to:

  • Complete a Community Assets Checklist
  • Identify community assets and gaps to be filled
  • Develop a plan to fill gaps in data/information
  • Identify housing needs and priorities
  • Gather partners and public support for selected housing project
  • Write a grant application for State and Federal funding
  • Partner to deliver community housing program

Click here to fill out a Community Assets Checklist

To learn more about programs, contact Judy Petersen, Executive Director, at 402-340-0106 or via e-mail at


Community Toolbox

Local Funding Opportunities

Local Option Municipal Development Act (LB840)
The Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act (LB840, 1991) authorizes incorporated cities and villages to collect and appropriate tax dollars (sales and/or property tax) if approved by the local voters, for economic development purposes.

For a listing of current participating communities, click here for the NDED website.

For a copy of the “Guide to Implementing the Local Option Municpal Economic Act” click here.

To contact the LOMEDA state represetative, contact Andrea McClintic, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, at 308-440-1490 or email

TIF (Tax Increment Financing)
Tax increment financing (TIF) in Nebraska is primarily designed to finance the public costs associated with a private development project.  Essentially, the property tax increases resulting from a development are targeted to repay the public investment required by a project.

For a brief outline of the TIF program click here.

For detailed information about the TIF program, click here for the NDED website.

To contact the TIF state represtative, contact Kevin Andersen, Nebraska Department of Economic Develoment (NDED) at 800-426-6505 or 402-471-3775 or email

Policies for Community Adoption for State/Federal Grants

There are a number of policies that communities must adopt and adhere to, to be eligible to recieve state and/or federal grants.  Templates, below, are provided for community use and adoption:

If you have any questions about these policies and plans, do not hesitate to contact Judy Petersen, CNHED Executive Director, at 402-340-0106 or email