Our Board

Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers are directed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Norene Fitzgerald Kidder, Chairperson

Craig Brewster, Finance Officer
Kristin Olson
Ute Wojtalewicz
St. Paul
John Madsen
Christy Underwood
Are you interested in becoming a CNHED Board Director?  If so, we encourage you to submit an application to Judy Petersen, Executive Director.  You are welcome to submit your application via email to judy@cnhdhome.org, or by mail to Central Nebraska Housing Developers, P.O. Box 201, Chambers, NE 68725.  To learn more about CNHD Board Director responsibilities, please call Judy Petersen at 402-340-0106.


595c Judy Petersen
Judy Petersen
Executive Director




Linda Hazen
Grants/Finance Coordinator
Kathy Drake
Community Project Manager
607c Melissa Krysl
Melissa Krysl
Marketing Specialist