CNHED Partners

Our housing programs would not be a success without the support and partnership of committed people and organizations. From the local level, all the way up to the federal level, CNHED’s partnerships with are bringing quality housing programs to the residents of our area.

We invite you to join CNHED and these outstanding partners, as we “Build strong communities through quality housing choices!!”

Nebraska Department of Economic Development
The Nebraska Affordable Housing Program provides grants to nonprofits, local governments, and public housing authorities. The Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund is a state financial resource developed in 1996 to increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing in Nebraska. The federally-funded HOME program provides grants to non-profits and local governments to help them develop and support affordable housing.

Nebraska Housing Developers Association
The Nebraska Housing Developers Association works to champion affordable housing. The Association provides services through three areas of strategic focus – Technical Assistance and Training; Awareness and Advocacy; Collaborative Housing Initiatives.

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA)
Provides Nebraskans a broad range of financial resources for homeownership, rental housing, agriculture, manufacturing, medical and community development endeavors. NIFA also provides technical assistance for activities related to these areas, while preserving and growing the asset base used to provide these resources.

USDA Rural Development
USDA Rural Development in Nebraska has various programs available to aid in the development of Rural America. One of these programs centers around the development of affordable housing. The housing programs available under USDA Rural Development are generally divided into two main categories: Single Family Housing (SFH) and Multi-Family Housing (MFH). For ALL Rural Housing programs in Nebraska, rural areas include unincorporated rural areas and communities with a population of 20,000 or less, including the communities of Norfolk and Columbus.